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1000 T Press For Spotting And Try-Out Of Moulds

In August 2018, Lmi has assembled and started a 1000 tons presses order by one of the most important Italian tool-makers working the the field of moulds for plastic materials.

The press can be used both as spotting press for injection and compression moulds, and also as press for trials of compression moulds with a maximum closing force of 1000 tons,

The press has the following general specifications:

  • maximum closing force of 1000 tons
  • dimensions of clamping platens 2700 x 1700 mm
  • maximum daylight between platens 2000 mm
  • the lower clamping platen is fitted with an hydraulic mechanism that allows to shuttle the platen towards the front side of the press, allowing for an easier loading of the mould using an overhead crane and also easier access to the mould during the spotting activities
  • the press is fitted with 5 off hydraulic lines on the lower platen, as well 5 off hydraulic lines on the upper platen
  • the press is also fitted with 5 off pneumatic Connections on each platen for easier working conditions of the tool.makers during spotting activities
  • the control system of the press has been developed in accordance with the customer's needs. This allows to use the press both as a spotting press and as an actual press for compression moulding. The Software of the press allows to program the work sequence of the press with all the necessary functions, in order to either spot mould or allow them to be tried out during actual production

600 T press for the production of carbon fibre parts

In January 2017, Lmi has delivered and installed a 600T press for an Italian customer operating in the automotive industry. The customer, a leading Italian Oem manufacturer of sports car, will be operating the press for producing carbon-fibre parts for its new car models. The press, designed together with the customer, is operating withint an automatic unit which allows for the automatic production of finished parts.

The general specifications of the press are:

  • maximum clamping force 600 T
  • dimensions of platens L2000 x W1500 mm
  • maximum daylight between platens 1500 mm
  • the press has a shuttling lower platen for allowing a quick and trouble-free loading of moulds into the press
  • the press is couple to a unit fitted with robots for pick-up of the moulds from the press and deburring of the parts using a water-jet system